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3D Chalk Art

Anamorphic (or 3D) art uses perspective to provide a fascinating illusion...3D art on a 2D surface. I enjoy exploring the possibilities of 3D art while pushing the boundaries of what textures, surfaces, and reflections I can bring to life in chalk.

Fox under cover.jpg

Endless Possibilities

3D street art lends itself to experimentation, collaboration, and interaction. Pieces typically take between 1-2 days to complete and drive audience interaction and conversation...a true performance art.

6 ft  x 20 ft tempera and chalk piece created at the 2022 Chalk Festival in Venice, FL.

Temporary Art Installation

3D chalk art installations provide the perfect interactive element for your corporate event.

10 ft by 15 ft tempera paint and chalk art installation. Chili's Headquarters, Texas 2021




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